The Gallbladder Removal Reset Program

Ready to take back your health after gallbladder removal?

The most comprehensive step-by-step program to guide you through effectively achieving health and energy without a gallbladder!

This is a self-paced transformational program that I have developed with your goals and health in mind. You will learn how to nourish your body without a gallbladder so that you can take back your energy, ditch digestive issues post-op and improve your quality of life!

Tell me, do you just not feel the same since removing your gallbladder?!

  • Are you struggling with the post-gallbladder blues? Dry skin, dry hair, low energy, depression, anxiety, bloating, heartburn, weight gain and constantly running to the bathroom?

  • Do you no longer feel like yourself and regret surgery?

  • Have you gone to many doctor appointments and don’t feel like you are being understood?

  • Frustrated that your labs are fine, but you feel awful internally?

  • Googling your way through supplements, diets, symptoms, and nothing is working?

The Gallbladder Removal Reset Program
The Gallbladder Removal Reset Program

Are you currently struggling with any of the following and ready to take your health back?

  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Constantly Running to the bathroom
  • Bile acid diarrhea/malabsorption
  • Constipation
  • Acid or Bile Reflux
  • Hair loss
  • Dry skin, brittle nails
  • Fatty Liver
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Weight gain
  • High cholesterol, triglycerides
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Brain Fog
  • Mood Swings

Then The Gallbladder Removal Reset is for you!

Whether you recently had your gallbladder removed or you had surgery years ago, chances are you’re confused how to address your symptoms. You have spent hours Googling or on Facebook groups trying to figure out remedies to your solution. You are so overwhelmed, confused and stressed out that you will never feel the same again! 

Instead of spending hours googling, The Gallbladder Removal Reset walks you step by step through my proven framework to improve your symptoms, reset your digestion, overcome food fear so you can enjoy food again, improve sleep, energy and ultimately beat your symptoms so you can regain your life back!

When You Enroll You Will Get:

  • 8 Video Modules, 50+ videos
  • Unlimited access and access to any updates
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Monthly Q&A’s in the private Facebook group
  • Discounts on functional testing, consultations, and professional grade supplements
  • Grocery lists, 8-week meal plan(vegetarian and animal), Non-Toxic Living Document,  Supplement Cheat Sheet, Reading Food Labels Document and so many more!
The Gallbladder Removal Reset Program

The Gallbladder Removal Reset Will Help You….

  • Understand how to better support your body without a gallbladder
  • Tackle digestive issues and symptoms after gallbladder surgery
  • Use food as medicine to help improve your health, energy, hormones and liver health.
  • Learn how to support your body and health longterm without restriction and yo-yo diets
  • Remove fear of post gallbladder surgery symptoms
  • Repair your relationship and gain confidence back with food

You Will Learn!

  • What causes gallbladder disease and how removal changes the physiology of your body
  • How to improve and optimize your digestion
  • What nutrition and supplements promote health long-term without a gallbladder
  • How to improve your gut health
  • How to tackle common digestive issues and complaints after gallbladder surgery
  • How to support and nourish your hormones
  • How to support your liver and reverse fatty liver
  • How to rebalance your lifestyle long-term without a gallbladder
The Gallbladder Removal Reset Program

Module 1

Gallbladder Disease and Removal 101

Your body can survive without a gallbladder, but gallbladder removal does change digestion. In module, we will discuss the basics about how the body changes without a gallbladder.


  • Life Without a Gallbladder
  • Symptoms After Gallbladder Removal
  • Roadmap for this course

Module 2

Ongoing Nutrition and Supplements after Gallbladder Removal


  • Diet Foundation: foods to eat, foods to avoid
  • Macronutrients
  • Cleaning out Your Pantry: Reading food labels
  • The importance of Fiber
  • Supplements. 20% off professional grade supplements.

Resources: grocery list, 8 week sample meal plan, reading food labels, supplement cheat sheet

Module 3

Optimizing Digestion after Gallbladder Removal


  • Digestion 101
  • Digestion changes after gallbladder removal
  • How to support and improve digestion without a gallbladder
  • Functional digestive support

Resources: Digestive Guide

Module 4

Phase 1- 30 Days to Improving Gut health Without a Gallbadder
  • The Importance of Gut Health
  • How to Test Gut Integrity
  • Probiotics vs, prebiotics
  • Leaky gut
  • Functional testing
  • SIBO
  • Hpylori

Resources: gut health quiz, probiotics vs prebiotics handout, functional testing handout

Module 5

Symptoms Improvement: constipation, bile acid malabsorption/diarrhea, acid/bile reflux, weight gain


  1. Constipation:
    1. Causes
    2. Strategies
  2. Bile acid malabsorption/ diarrhea
    1. Causes
    2. Strategies
  3. Acid/ Bile Reflux
    1. Causes
    2. Strategies
  4. Weight Gain
    1. Causes
    2. Strategies

Module 6

Supporting Your Hormones Without a Gallbladder
  • Hormones 101
  • Signs of Hormone Imbalances
  • Eating for Menstrual Cycle
  • Mastering Your Minerals
  • Balancing Blood Sugar

Resources: Hormone quiz, minerals 101, eating for your menstrual cycle

Module 7

Loving Your Liver Without a Gallbladder. Reversing and preventing fatty liver.
  • Liver 101
  • Signs of sluggish liver
  • Causes of poor liver function
  • Steps to support liver after removal
  • Reversing and preventing fatty liver
  • Detoxification Strategies
  • Resources: liver quiz, castor oil pack, detox bath

Module 8

Rebalancing Lifestyle without a Gallbladder


  • Ongoing lifestyle support
  • Best exercise for support after gallbladder removal
  • 80/20 or 90/10 rule to sustainable health
  • Stress Management

Your testimony is ours

The Gallbladder Removal Reset Program
The Gallbladder Removal Reset Program

Olivia always made me feel seen and heard with my symptoms and challenges. It was helpful to know she has been through on her gallbladder journey and can relate to what Im experiencing. Olivia is extremely responsive and that helped relive a lot of anxiety. She also provides you many resources! I really appreciate the support from Olivia and have been amazed with the progress my body has made. Within 30 days I was off PPIS, after 6 months I reversed gallbladder sludge and currently am working to improve biliary dyskinesia but I know with the tools she provided I feel more confident along my way.

~ Nicole

I finally felt like I wasn’t alone. Olivias knowledge is priceless. Her easy going, laid back approach is exactly what I needed. After having an episode in Jan 2019, I wasn’t told I had gallstones until 8 months later. I was looked at like I was crazy. Working with Olivia was priceless. Finally someone that could give me the answers and give me the power of my own health back in my hands. Working with Olivia the discomfort on the upper right side has almost gone away. I can sleep on my side after 2 years!

~ Alesha

All my goals were met working with Olivia. I had to have immediate gallbladder surgery and she helped take all the guesswork out of the recovery. She provided a solid plan and I feel better everyday. I lost the needed weigth with ease for the first time, regulated my bowel functions, learned easy healthy recipes and overall had minimal GI issues post recovery. Would have been lost without her!

~ Allison

My gallbladder surgery was an emergency, so I had no time to prepare. The doctors did not provide accurate advice for recovery and she helped me understand what was going on with my body post surgery. She was very good at issue spotting based on symptoms, gave me a really great plan with easy and delicious recipes and accommodated my personal needs. She's also very kind, understanding, and supporting which was great during such a confusing time with my body. Post surgery my GI symptoms have been reduced to almost none. I have a lot less inflammation, bloating, my hormones are much more balanced and PMS lessened.

~ Mary

The Gallbladder Removal Reset Program
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